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Our Working Bees in Action

Our April & May Working Bees


Torrential rain, light showers, cloudy sunshine, gale force wind gusts and balmy Autumnal mornings were the order of our Working Bee days in April and May.

A huge thank you to our gardeners – Tania, Tony, Phil (a new member), Chris M, Toni, Patricia, Chris W-S, Ron, Lynn, Dave and not forgetting Scott and James, our Saturday NBC gardeners – who worked tirelessly through it all.


And as mixed as the weather was so too were our tasks:

  • New plants into the native garden:  Austromyrtus “Copper Tops” (midgen berry), Chrysocephalum apiculatum (everlasting daisy), Banksia serrata “Roller Coaster” (a prostrate form of the coast Banksia), and Lomandra “Tanika” (spiny-head Mat-rush or Basket Grass);

  • Replacing caterpillar-damaged plants in the garden bed outside our storeroom with Colocasia esculenta “Blue Hawaii” (commonly known as taro);

  • Gathering up plant debris left behind by the wind and rain;

  • Moving plants from the Sensory Garden to the perennial border in readiness for the preschool removal;

  • Clearing garden beds of invasive self-seeders, pruning hedges and spent blooms and weeds;

  • And a little drama was added near the red gate entrance with Japanese Sword Grass (Miscanthus.

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