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Our Working Bees in Action

Our Two February Working Bees


A warm and steamy Saturday greeted our small but enthusiastic crew – seems like a lot of our regular gardeners are travelling.  Tania, our new Garden & Working Bee Coordinator outlined our tasks and everyone set to work.  Our main focus this month was the area around our storage room.  Even though we gather there it has only seen weeding and raking so time to take it in hand and make us proud. 


The area was assessed and work began on pulling out dead and dying plants, weeding, digging out rocks which were then used to form a stunning natural border.  Today’s plant selection:  Broad Leaf Palm Lily (Cordyline petiolaris); Silver Lady Ferns (Blechnum Gibbum); Hydrangea; and Boston Ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) to climb up the rather unsightly walls.

Plants were laid out, planted and mulched and of course, watered in at the end.  Sweaty work for Tania, John and Lloyd. 

Meanwhile, the perennial border alongside the bowling club needed some more weeding and pruning by Patricia and Lynn, ready for additional planting next month.  And of course, more pruning and hedging was done along the fence line and in the Sensory Garden, as well as the minimal planting in the burned garden bed – thanks to Paul, our Council “Sherpa” this month, who wheeled in the plants and hauled away bags and bags of vegetation and weeds.

Wednesday was a very different day, steamy with a light drizzle. After two days of torrential rain, we didn’t need to water in the new plantings, one of our planned tasks.  The conditions, though, were perfect for another of our tasks – spreading grass seed over all the bare patches around the Garden. 

Our three intrepid gardeners – Chris W-S, Lee and Judy – braved the drizzle and sowed the seed the old school way, by hand.  We had just emptied the first bucket of seeds when yet another downpour stopped any further work and again it meant we didn’t need to water in the seed!  We retired damp but with a great sense of achievement – and a lamington for our efforts.


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